Dear Digital Stewardship Colleagues & Advocates!

After several months of intense development, the Scaling Software Preservation and Emulation-as-a-Service-Infrastructure (EaaSI) Beta has been RELEASED!

To celebrate this program milestone, and to give our communities more information about the EaaSI Beta, we are kicking off a four-week series. Each week, we share a blog post that takes a deeper dive into a major aspect of the beta release including Development, Documentation, Deployment, and Testing.

This week (Week 2 of 4 in the Beta Release Series), we are highlighting the EaaSI Beta Documentation with a post by Ethan Gates, EaaSI Software Preservation Analyst: “Drafting test cases and protocols for the nodes led to a swift expansion of the EaaSI User Handbook and discussions on our EaaSI Tech Talk forum provides insight into managed Docker deployment."

In Ethan’s updated post, he explores the meaning of open, shareable documentation in EaaSI including technical documentation, activity templates, blog posts, workflows, presentations and the publication platforms we selected (GitLab and the SPN website). Read Ethan’s full post here:


Week 1 of 4 in the Beta Release Series (Development): Klaus Rechert, EaaSI Lead Emulation Architect writes about adapting and improving the EaaS code-base to cope with the challenges and requirements of truly distributed emulation service. Learn more about  publication and replication of emulated computing environments, OAI-PMH metadata exchange, and containerization of emulators in Klaus’s full post:


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If you have questions for the project team, please contact the EaaSI Community Outreach Lead, Jessica Meyerson, at <jessica[at]educopia[dot]org>.


The EaaSI program builds on previous work to apply the Emulation-as-a-Service(EaaS) framework for access and use of preserved software and digital objects. The project is focused on scaling the technological framework necessary for multiple institutions to configure, share, and access software and configured environments. EaaSI is focused on a distributed, community-driven architecture that sits on top of existing digital preservation infrastructure. This directly complements existing efforts by the Software Preservation Network and others to address key aspects of software preservation including legal advocacy, research about local software preservation needs, institutional capacity building for software preservation, collection development, professional development and training, and workflow recommendations.

Thank you all for reading - Happy Tuesday!

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Jessica (on behalf of the EaaSI Team)

Jessica Meyerson
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