I'm writing on behalf of the ArchivesSpace Technical Advisory Council's Integrations sub-team. If you're not familiar with our work, the Integrations subteam supports the ArchivesSpace community by taking a transparent approach to documenting and facilitating the integration of systems with the ArchivesSpace application. Some of our activities include:

  *   Tracking current integrations and communicating their status with the larger community
  *   Creating resources that assist members of the community with their integration work
  *   Act as liaisons between integration developers, the AS program team, and the community
  *   Act as general resources for those working on integrations

We've recently given our documentation a refresh -- please give it a look! You can read a little more about what we consider integrations on our "What Are Integrations?<>" page, and we have a few examples of existing integrations on our team's "Integrations<>" page. We also have documentation about "How<>" and "Why<>" to integrate with ArchivesSpace if you're thinking about or are currently working on a systems integration.

We're reaching out today because we saw an opportunity to better support integrations work by reaching out to communities that might not already know about the work we do. We're actively seeking more information about any past or current integrations work so that we can better share it out with others. If you're working on an integration, we'd love to hear about it! Please either email us at [log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]> or fill out our ArchivesSpace Integrations Form<>.

We'd really like to know what you're working on or thinking about working on, and want to make sure as many people know of our existence as possible. We're here to act as a resource and answer any questions you might have about how to go about integrating with ArchivesSpace. We may not always be able to answer your deepest technological questions, but we can definitely point you in the right direction.

Greg Wiedeman

On behalf of Integrations sub-team
Jared Campbell
Megan Firestone
Patrick Galligan
Edgar Garcia
Maggie Hughes
Dallas Pillen
Trevor Thornton