We don't have a public facing Dashboard only an internal staff one. For this I use the Plotly Dash open source libraries that integrate with python or R. My preference is python and they have some pretty good components.

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Our public dashboard is at,1,Nz1z-RuMFuLM10nTUSynRH3K6bp8EagyV9xnOH8_4gN5G3L4IjocHjIgAiabhr0XLGOJ2MPTzc5Ggz6oe1lkiRJxGsXGMYYLst6yDcWBsJA,&typo=1 - data comes from various APIs, and PHP code is at

(Layout is a perpetual headache. If anyone can think of a way to make the elements rearrange themselves according to how big they are and how much space is available, using javascript, I'd be very happy. My attempts so far have been worse than just not. Simply lining them all up grid-style doesn't help because they're variable heights.)


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On 25 June 2019, Natasha Allen wrote:

> Hopefully a quick question I'm doing some information gathering on. 
> Are there any libraries out there currently utilizing an internal data 
> dashboard for visualizing library statistics? If so, what program are 
> you using for this purpose?

There are some tweaks to be made and text to be added, but this is our public

It's done in R with Shiny, and the code is here:<>

Anyone who knows some R and some web development will find Shiny very nice to work with. I really like it.

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