Seconding rorcid -- Scott regularly updates it! 

You can see a few code examples at -- but n.b. that it's a bit out of date in terms of using older versions of the ORCID API. rorcid has kept up to date, however. 

Ideally you'd first gather the ORCID iDs via the API, by having the user sign into their ORCID account and authenticate with the application (using e.g. the free ORCID public API). If memory serves rorcid supports this use. The ORCID development team also has created a simple iD connection application at: or if you'd prefer OIDC: 

Finally, a plug for the ORCID API users group -- a good place for sharing code examples and getting help. 

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Hi David, 
Our beta version of our Civil Space staff profiles is pulling from ORCID (not sure why it's not live yet). We're a consortium member which was only necessary to be able to add to the profiles (we migrated data from ResearcherID).

I didn't do the programming myself- it was done by developers here. If you use R, you might consider: . The developer documentation is pretty good, too:

What language were you thinking about (like Python or R or ... ???)


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ORCID provides an API that can be queried by ORCID or institution name (I think). Has anyone written code to query the API on a regular basis to pull down articles by their faculty? Is it something you'd care to share? I've not the faintest idea of a way to write an API query.

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