Greetings from SAA! Dropping by to share the positions that've been submitted to the Jobs Board in the last week (or, er, two—sorry, all):

·         Digital Library Application Programmer, University of Florida Libraries

·         Head of Archives, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Libraries

·         Library Web Developer, The Claremont Colleges Services

·         Digitization Specialist - Still Images, Duke University

·         UC3 Senior Software Engineer, California Digital Library

·         Digital Audio Visual Archivist, Swarthmore College Peace Collection

·         Research Librarian for Physical Sciences, University of California, Irvine Libraries

·         Teaching & Undergraduate Services Librarian, Columbia University Libraries

·         Library Systems Developer, Arizona State University

·         Repository Developer, Arizona State University

·         Development Support Engineer, UCLA

·         Director of Library Special Collections, UCLA

·         Spatial Data Science Librarian, UCLA

View listings on the Jobs Board or by tracking #CLIRjobs. If you have a position description to share with the community, they're easy to submit—for free, if you’re from a CLIR Sponsor or DLF Member institution.


If you're at SAA drop by The Funders' table and say hi!


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