I ask for your understand as I try to track posts from several lists and
gmail becomes less user formed;sy to earch for info byt the day.

I'm not sure how I can check on this list's web site to ascertain if I've
posted a topic and searching my gmail for this list of digest messages by
keyword is at best, "byzantinian".

I'm in desperate search of a good an online MS Publisher user list.

I subscribed to the lost but discovered it
has little traffic and no replies to my post.

Most "professional" graphics users don't use Publisher as it's limited and
user unfriendly.

I must use it at work.

Adobe is the preferred application and for anyone migrating to or starting
with graphics I'd recommend Affinity. It makes graphics programs which do
90%+ what Adobe does and for a whole lot less $.

Burt, still I must use Publisher at my workplace.

Publisher is not intuitive and I've read a plethora of printed Publisher
help books but they don't answer my questions.

If I've posted this already, my apologies.

If not, has anyone found a good Publisher group online?

Alternatively, a good graphics group online where maybe others used to use

Googling has not resolved my questions either and I'm not afforded enough
off-desk time to watch YouTube videos nor are my commutes helpful with that.

Please feel free to email me privately as well.

Thank you for your kind help and understanding.