Hello everyone,

                We are currently using Syndetics Unbound for book cover images within our PrimoVE instance, as well as, through it, in our libguides.

                We’ve heard it is possible to possibly replace this function with the Google Books API and the Amazon book covers API.  

                Was looking for sites that may have made this transition, to either Google Books or Amazon and if I could ask you a few questions, including:
1)	 Did you find pretty good coverage of most of your titles after the switch?  How much did you find to just replaced with the generic blank book cover after the switch?
2)	What all changes did you need to make on the PrimoVE side?
3)	How much coding was necessary?  
a.	Do you have examples of some of the code that you could share? 
b.	A good spot for reference to find what needs to be done?
4)	With Amazon, we understand that the supplied links will, if clicked, refer the users to an Amazon sales page.  Any way to get the cover without it looking like we are trying to do something like affiliate sales?
5)	What impact, if any, did you find to sites like libguides, that were using the primo supplied book covers.  Was there any change needed in those other sites?
6)	Also, in general, any additional info you’d think would be handy for such a transition.

Thank you in advance for any guidance/advice you can offer.

Bruce Orcutt
UTSA: Libraries, Systems
Office: (210) 458-6192
Cell:      (330) 388-7585