Registration is now open for Fantastic Futures 2019, the 2nd International Conference on AI for Libraries, Archives, and Museums<>. Join us December 4-6 at Stanford University for three days of study and community building. This conference is a forum for in-depth discussion of the effects of these new technologies, demonstrations of work already underway, and workshops to help increase AI literacy across our organizations.

How will AI transform the library?
How will the library transform AI?
What role will libraries, archives, and museums play, as trusted sources of information, when more and more of the information we consume is algorithmically generated? How will the values of neutrality, privacy, authority, and preservation that these institutions advance help shape AI. How will our institutions adapt these values to a changing landscape? How can we put AI to work for us, to transform and elevate our services beyond 20th century modalities?

December 4, 2019 Plenary Sessions
The conference day will convene thought and practice leaders from academia, libraries, industry and society to address these questions and help shape the future of AI in libraries, and the role of libraries in AI.  Learn more<>

December 5, 2019 Workshops
Organized in multiple tracks over one full day, the workshops will provide practical instruction on a range of topics appropriate for individual across libraries, archives and museums, whether administrators, content experts, catalogers, designers, or engineers.  Learn more<>

December 6, 2019 Unconference
A core mission of this conference is to encourage and support international collaboration around efforts to apply AI within libraries, archives, and museums. The third day will provide an opportunity for self-organizing around interest groups, demonstrations of works in progress, and extended workshop sessions that grow out of day 2.  Learn more<>

Visit the conference website for more details at<> or go directly to registration at