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Subject: Re: [CODE4LIB] ojs api [resolved]

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>> To your knowledge, does the Open Journal System (OJS) support an API that allows me to:
>>   1. list all the articles in a given issue
>>   2. for each article, get bibliographic metadata
>>   3. for each article, get the URL pointing to the PDF file of the article
> Generally the place to get tech support on OJS and other products from the PKP is on the PKP Community Forum:

Resolved. The short answer is "Yes" and a longer answer follows.

The OJS supports a REST-ful API. Given the root URL of an OJS system and an authorization token, I have written a set of Bash scripts which caches OJS issue metadata and optionally outputs rudimentary bibliographics in the form of a TSV stream. I have packaged this into a GitHub repository -->;;sdata=yvzm874F89eoPxv%2FDX%2Bkkt7Fd1HuYD81IWuNWrJvhW4%3D&amp;reserved=0  Using the Toolbox, it is easy for me to create, for example, a simple bibliography of all LITA ITAL articles published since forever. There are at least 670 of them.

Just closing a loop.

Eric Lease Morgan