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[Digital Privacy] Add-ons for Privacy: Open Source Advocacy Tactics for Internet Health Abstract:
Privacy is a topic of growing interest in academic libraries and beyond. Karen is currently completing interviews with 30 developers of open source privacy add-ons for web browsers (e.g. educational tools about online advertising, VPN tool suites, etc.). She will share lessons learned about the advocacy tactics utilized in privacy add-on development and extend to consider issues related to patron privacy in academic library settings. This will be of interest to librarians teaching information literacy to students, web librarians developing library systems, and collections librarians concerned with procuring web resources

Speaker: Karen Louise Smith, Brock University

Karen Louise Smith is an Assistant Professor in Communication, Popular Culture & Film at Brock University. Dr. Smith earned her Ph.D from University of Toronto and her research explores the themes of openness, privacy and participation in digital society. From 2013 to 2015, she conducted collaborative research with Mozilla to build the Hive Toronto digital literacy network and in 2017, she was awarded a Mozilla Research Grant for a project titled Add-ons for Privacy: Open Source Advocacy Tactics for Internet Health
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   - Friday October 25nd, 2019
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