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IIPC WAC 2020 - Expanding Horizons: how we build, use, and sustain web archives



In 2020 the International Internet Preservation Consortium (IIPC) Web Archiving Conference (WAC) will be proudly hosted in Montréal, by Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ), from May 12-13, 2020. The events are organised in partnership with Library and Archives Canada and University of Toronto Libraries. The conference will be followed by a two-day Archives Unleashed datathon that will bring together a small group of participants to gain a hands-on experience of working with web archives. More information about the datathon at: http://netpreserve.org/ga2020/datathon


The IIPC WAC represents a unique opportunity for web archiving practitioners, collection managers, technologists, researchers, and strategists to engage with and develop the global community of practise. Proposals on all aspects of web archiving practice as well as researching and using web archives are invited. Of particular interest for this year’s conference are proposals addressing the conference theme Expanding Horizons: how we build, use, and sustain web archives. Proposals from and related to Canadians/Canada, as well as from the perspective of novice users and researchers alike, are warmly welcomed. Further relevant topics include but are not limited to:


Building web archives

-          Harvesting approaches, tool development, and related challenges

-          Collection development and curation

-          Legal issues related to collecting and accessing content

-          Ethical concerns


Enhancing web archives

-          Capturing ephemeral and “non-traditional” web resources, emerging formats and domains

-          Archiving the long tail, beyond the top 10 blue links

-          Archiving social media (beyond APIs) and (mobile) apps

-          Archiving non-English language sites

-          Multi-lingual collections and their impact on curation


Sustaining web archives

-          Archival business models

-          Economic or political successes and failures

-          Shared infrastructure


Researching web archives

-          Researcher collaboration models, experimental approaches, use cases, workflows

-          Building and maintaining research tools

-          Obstacles in accessing, using, and analyzing web archive holdings

-          Collaborative and interdisciplinary projects with GLAM institutions and beyond

-          Data sharing, publication, protocols, provenance

-          Computational linguistic research on multi-language collections


Value of collections

-          Articulate and demonstrate worth, internally within an institution and beyond

-          (Collaborative) collection development

-          Collection assessment and metrics


Training and teaching

-          Developing expertise among new practitioners

-          Sharing expertise and teaching materials among organizations engaged in web archiving

-          Teaching methodologies and best practices for practitioners/students/researchers


The WAC 2020 program committee invites proposals for:

-          20-minute presentations (including 5 minutes for discussion)

-          Posters and demos with accompanying 5-minute lightning talk

-          60-minute panel discussions

-          60, 90, or 120-minute conference-themed workshops

-          Tutorials focused on tools, technologies, or practical exercises


All proposals must be written in English and submitted via EasyChair. French-English simultaneous translation services will be available during the conference. Speakers who would like to present in French are invited to do so but have to indicate their preference in the submitted document. Proposals should outline how their contribution advances the understanding of topics related to the conference themes, how it relates to previous work (if applicable), and what impact it may have on the community.


Proposals for:

-          Presentations:

-          Must be submitted as an abstract of between 300 and 500 words

-          Posters:

-          Must be submitted as an abstract of between 200 and 300 words

-          Workshops and Tutorials:

-          Must be submitted as an abstract of between 800 and 1,000 words

-          Must include information about coordinator(s), format, target audience, anticipated number of participants, and technical requirements

-          Must include details about expected outcome(s)

-          Panels:

-          Must be submitted as an abstract of between 800 and 1,000 words

-          Must include information about panel setup (moderator(s), contributor(s), etc)

-          Must include details about the topic(s) of discussion, how panelists will contribute to the discussion, how the audience will be included in the discussion, and some anticipated outcome(s) of the discussion


All submissions are due by December 1st 2019.


The program committee will review all submissions and send out notifications of acceptance/rejection by mid January. For questions, please send an email to [log in to unmask]

http://netpreserve.org/ga2020/ @NetPreserve #iipcWAC20



Conférence sur l’archivage du Web (WAC) 2020 de l’IIPC – Élargir les horizons : comment organiser, consulter et conserver les archives Web


Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ) est fière d’accueillir la Conférence sur l’archivage du Web de l’International Internet Preservation Consortium (IIPC), qui se déroulera à Montréal les 12 et 13 mai 2020. Cette activité est organisée en partenariat avec Bibliothèque et Archives Canada et les bibliothèques de l’Université de Toronto. La conférence sera suivie d’un datathon de deux jours d’Archives Unleashed. Cet événement rassemblera un petit groupe de participants qui pourront acquérir une expérience pratique du travail avec des archives Web. Pour plus de renseignements, visiter le http://netpreserve.org/ga2020/archives-unleashed/.


La WAC de l’IIPC représente une occasion unique pour les spécialistes en archivage Web, les gestionnaires de collections, les technologues, les érudits, les chercheurs, les scientifiques et les stratèges de collaborer et de faire évoluer la communauté mondiale de praticiens. Les propositions touchant tous les aspects de l’archivage du Web, la recherche et l’utilisation des archives Web sont les bienvenues. Cette année, la conférence accorde une importance particulière aux communications portant sur le thème Élargir les horizons : comment organiser, consulter et conserver les archives Web, aux communications d’intervenants canadiens et touchant le Canada, ainsi qu’aux communications basées sur le point de vue de nouveaux utilisateurs et chercheurs. Parmi les autres sujets pertinents :


Créer les archives Web


Valoriser les archives Web 


Conserver les archives Web


Faire des recherches dans les archives Web


Établir la valeur des collections


Former et enseigner



Le comité de la programmation de la WAC 2020 sollicite des propositions pour :


Toutes les propositions doivent être rédigées en anglais et transmises par EasyChair. Des services d’interprétation simultanée français-anglais seront offerts pendant la conférence. Les conférenciers qui souhaitent faire leur présentation en français y sont autorisés, mais doivent le préciser dans le document soumis. Celui-ci doit aussi décrire comment la proposition accroît la compréhension des sujets liés au thème de la conférence, son lien avec les travaux antérieurs (le cas échéant) et son influence éventuelle sur la communauté.


Les propositions


Toutes les propositions doivent être reçues d’ici le 1er décembre 2019.


Le comité de la programmation examinera toutes les propositions et enverra les avis d’acceptation ou de refus d’ici la mi-janvier. Pour toute question, veuillez envoyer un courriel à <[log in to unmask]>.

http://netpreserve.org/ga2020/ @NetPreserve #iipcWAC20


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