Hello all!

Joshua Borycz once last time. The Chemical Literature course begins next
semester and I am very excited to start teaching! I am sending out this *survey
on STEM information courses *one last time before we start analyzing the
data and working to incorporate new ideas into the curriculum.

If you would like to share information about a STEM information/literature
course that you have taught previously then I would greatly appreciate your
response! I would love to get over 200 responses to the survey! We are at
189 now! Just a few more and we have it!

Thanks to all who have participated!

Joshua Borycz

Survey Link:


*Vanderbilt University Study on Teaching STEM Information and Literature *

The STEM Librarians at Vanderbilt University are seeking university faculty
or staff that have taught information seeking or literature-based
coursework to STEM students to complete a short survey on their courses.
The responses will help us better understand how information, literature,
and/or research related coursework is being introduced into university
curricula. This will allow us to improve course design and help guide
others as they seek to create classes for STEM students.

The questionnaire should take 5-10 minutes to complete. Your participation
in this research is voluntary, and you may decline to participate without
risk. While it is useful to be complete in your responses to the survey,
you may skip any questions, and you are free to withdraw from the study at
any time.

Survey Link:

Thank you for your participation!

Joshua Borycz


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