Get involved with the future development of the Preservation Action
Registries (PAR) initiative!

This online workshop takes place on Wednesday 29 July and builds on the PAR
webinar held in June. The workshop will include a short introduction to PAR
before breaking out into groups led by a member of the PAR core team.

Each group will examine a specific aspect of PAR:


   the development of the PAR data model

   PAR tools including the API

   PAR integration with external sources

The results of the workshop will help shape the next release of PAR.

To learn more and find out how to prepare, visit:


The workshop will last approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes.

OPF members benefit from priority registration and access to the recording
and slides. Remaining places are now open to the community - sign up on our
event page

Becky McGuinness | Community Manager
@openpreserve | Skype: becky.mcguinness1

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