This discussion is interesting to me since I'm anticipating this as a project request coming through in the next couple years. For whatever data solution we choose, I plan to make sure the dashboard is accessible, even if it doesn't come that way out-of-the-box. That requirement would steer us likely away from solutions that pre-load an interactive data visualization without making the data points available in a way that I can easily manipulate them into semantic HTML with appropriate labels / alt text, etc. If the vendor hasn't considered accessibility but has made it so that you can grab variable data points and put them into customizable HTML, that probably makes an accessible dashboard more feasible.

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We used Highcharts several years ago to make a dashboard of select library statistics. Our example is a flat webpage, but you can also rig it up to automatically update from a database at set intervals.


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> I'm looking for examples of inspiring library dashboards that can 
> inform a makeover of ours <>.  
> (Note: we don't have Tableau.)  Also, please respond if you've ever 
> used Dashing <> to make a dashboard.
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> Kyle