Yep, you can batch upload either metadata records or media representations.

In this case, you would presumably create metadata records first. The way CA then matches files with existing records is by comparing the file name (of those files placed in the /import folder) to existing object record identifiers. This is done via the Import > Media function in your toolbar. You can adjust whether it must be a complete match or partial in the Advanced Options > Matching setting. You'd also want to change your "Import Mode" to only import media that can be matched with existing records.

I'd definitely recommend running a test import of a smaller subset of objects. And since the system only has the file name to go off of, you have to ensure that the new records you're creating either keep the file name as the identifier or you have to rename the files to match them before uploading.

So, really it is a two step process. First, batch create the records, then match the files to them. If you didn't have existing metadata, the program could auto-create records when you import the media, but in your case, you'd still need to overlay those records with your existing data.

Hope that helps point things in the right collection,
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Subject: [CODE4LIB] Batch uploading with Collective Access?

Hi everyone!  I'm new to CA, and inherited it at the library I work at.  As a lot of the online documentation can be sparse on the subject, is there a way to batch upload images alongside matching XML metadata and have it create, say, 1,000 new images complete with metadata in the system?  I've seen where it's possible to do this with metadata, but nothing on how to make that match up with specific objects (tif/jpg, etc).

Anyone have a walkthrough or tutorial that might help?