Dear Colleagues:

Apropos a discussion we’ve had on and off this list, C4L slack, etc. I’m really pleased to open up the a demo site I’ve set up for Matomo (formerly Piwik, the self hosted FOSS web analytics platform) on a VPS I run. I know many of you share the same concerns I have about using Google Analytics (or even using analytics at all) that I have. That said, having this data is important to many of our superiors, which is why self-hosting Matomo is a decent alternative to feeding the Google marketing machine.

I’ve set up a demo account for people to see the dashboard for two sites I’m currently testing it on:

* the super bland, basic html landing page
* testing integration with one of the publishing systems I manage, [Open Journal Systems](

Planning to install WordPress and test some static open book publishing stuff I’m working on as time allows as well.

* site:
* user: code4lib-demo
* pass: Zwrsp82e2$Zym*%WoAMD

If you’d be interested in an account that allows you to see site specific settings etc., please contact me directly. I’m happy to do this on a person by person basis.

All best,


Andrew Kierig

Digital Publishing Lead
Interim OER, Copyright, and Scholarly Communications Lead
Mason Publishing
George Mason University Libraries
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