Thomas Dildine

On Aug 31, 2020, at 3:06 PM, charles meyer <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

Hi All,

It’s amazing what can be done without necessarily having an audio/video
department or a tech degree as I’ve learned video editing.

BTW, that video editing software edits; it doesn’t create videos or .gifs.

I was wondering if anyone on this list has created a .gif?

I’m interested in creating a learning tutorial making the subject in the
creation animated.

Yes, you can use Blender but that has a learning curve similar to learning
GIMP (which I’ve read can create .gifs but the steps to create one have not
been shared.

I’m interested in any free, easy-to-learn/use software which could create
animated .gifs?

Thank you so very much for sharing your thoughts/suggestions.