Hello all,


I hope you’re all doing well. I’m writing because CLIR/DLF is looking for some help on inclusivity efforts at this year’s virtual DLF Forum and affiliated events.


There are four major needs that we’ve identified for the run-up to the this year’s events in November that need some volunteers.


1. Revising/updating the Creating Accessible Presentations webinar from 2017

2. Reviewing the Code of Conduct for a virtual event

3. Inclusivity resources for setting expectations for virtual events (this is the most nebulous and still developing of needs right now).

4. Platform / tech advisory group


The full needs list with descriptions of each item and timelines are available as a Google Doc here:


Add your name to the area/need you are able to devote time to and/or email [log in to unmask] so we can add you to our list. We've got a lot of people with a lot of talent, so let's work together to make this Virtual DLF Forum happen.


Responses appreciated by Monday, August 31 if possible.




(Many thanks to D. Krahmer for helping to put this email + ask together.)



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