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The Fostering Communities of Practice (FCoP) project is pleased to announce the publication of resources and documentation related to software preservation and emulation activities undertaken by the FCoP cohort over the past 2 years. 


Comprised of 6 organizations, the cohort created a wide variety of documents, from software emulation procedure checklists to oral history-driven "software stories" to recommendations for expanding software preservation communities of practice to software use language in deeds of gift. And that's just a sampling — there are many more kinds of documents now available on the Software Preservation Network (SPN) website, enough for both the beginning software preservation practitioner and the experienced software preservation expert. 


Additionally, the FCoP project research fellow, Dr. Amelia Acker, has created a suite of preservation and emulation learning modules for library and archives educators. These resources are available on the site along with a pre-print of a research paper that develops the findings based on Acker's observations of three FCoP cohort sites. 


The FCoP project cohort and staff invite you to browse the resources to learn more.


We look forward to your feedback and insights. If you have questions or would like more information please contact Jessica Meyerson at < [log in to unmask] >.


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Hannah Ballard
Director of Communications
Educopia Institute 
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