Call for Chapter Proposals Date Extended: March 23, 2021, due to a high number of requests.

This is a call for Book Chapters: Role of Libraries, Archives, and Museums in Achieving Civic Engagement and Social Justice in Smart Cities (see the details below)

Thanks to everyone who has already submitted a proposal

I am CIO/Librarian, Canadian Multifaith Federation (CMF), Toronto. This request is in my personal capacity, not on behalf of my organization.

Currently, I am in the process of editing a forthcoming book entitled, Role of Libraries, Archives, and Museums in Achieving Civic Engagement and Social Justice in Smart Cities, to be published by IGI Global, an international publisher of progressive academic research. We are honored to have many thought leaders in our team as Editorial Advisory Board (see the list below).

I am certain that you or your professional colleagues' contribution of scholarly work on the topics such as, social inclusion, community engagement, partnership, etc., will make an excellent addition to this book. 

I would like to take this opportunity to cordially invite you or your colleagues(s) to submit a chapter proposal for consideration in this publication.

 Imp Dates:
March 23, 2021: Proposal Submission Deadline
March 25, 2021: Notification of Acceptance
May 8, 2021: Full Chapter Submission
June 21, 2021: Review Results Returned
August 2, 2021: Final Acceptance Notification
August 16, 2021: Final Chapter Submission

Editorial Advisory Board
  • Prof. Betty J. Turock, Ph.D. Past President American Library Association 
  • John Pateman, Chief Librarian / CEO, Thunder Bay Public Library, Canada
  • Prof. Kanwal Ameen, Vice-Chancellor, University of Home Economics, 'Former Chairperson, Dept of Information Management
  • Prof. P. B. Mangla, Tagore National Fellow (Govt. of India Ministry of Culture)
  • Prof. (Dr.) Ramesh C. Gaur, Dean and Director (Lib.& Inf.) Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, Ministry of Culture, 
  • Stephen Abram, MLS CEO, Lighthouse Consulting, Inc Canada
About the Book (a quick glance):
Social inclusion and civic participation, as a social role of Libraries, Archives and Museums (LAM), have been dealt with individually (e.g., social justice in libraries, 9). The book presents a holistic approach to understanding implications of the collective work of LAM, as it evolves today.

In achieving Civic Engagement (CE) and Social Justice (SJ) in Smart Cities, literacy programs are offered in the society, by two groups. The first is information service providers (i.e., Libraries Archives, Museums, LAM) and second is community-based organizations (i.e., public, private groups, etc.). Although, LAM-led community services are documented in literature, there is hardly any evidence if there are community-led-LAM services (or community’s need-based approach), that makes a full circle in understanding community-LAM relationship. 

Little of the existing research has identified the requirements of community leaders and experts (they are not even included in PEW's Digital Age survey, 1.) with regard to social inclusion or community engagement. Furthermore, the voices of LAM have not been heard collectively--presenting the other side of the coin.

The focus of the book will be on social and technical dimensions, with specific filters designed to screen and detect the channels of discrimination, hate, violence, etc. Hence, the book will collect strategies and approaches, adapted or planned, to be inclusive in smart cities. The details of the book are given below, as well as on the IGI Website.

Hope to hear from you with a proposal by March 23, 2021
Dr. Mohamed Taher, PhD., DLitt. Certificate Records & Info Mgmt. Practice. University of Toronto..
Fulbright Scholar (Rutgers Univ, NJ.,, USA).
Faculty, Seneca College, Library Information Technician Program 
Author: : Cyber Worship in Multifaith Perspectives, 2006, Scarecrow Press
Job Search The Canadian Way. 2010, Akbani Informatics
Blogger :Multifaith Information Gateway :


Target Audience
  • Community organizations
  • Educational leaders and faculty in Graduate programs 
  • Information management leaders and professionals
  • Social and community specialists in smart city design
  • Front line workers in all public and private sectors
  • Policy makers engaged in training and HR in diversity
  • Researchers, and developers of digital tools

Recommended Topics

    • Libraries
    • Archives
    • Museums
    • Community-based organizations
    • Collaboration, Cooperation, and Partnership
    • Civic Engagement (civic inclusion)
    • Social Justice (Advocacy, social inclusion)
    • Digital Literacy Training (community-based, non-library service providers)
    • LAMs Digital Literacy Programs: Prevention of hate, violence, bias and discrimination; promotion of harmony and tolerance via peace literacy, civic inter-cultural and interfaith literacy, media literacy, etc.
    • LAM’s Graduate programs for Civic Engagement and Social Justice

    Four Sections in the book
    I: Literacy: Technologies, Techniques, tools, approaches, skills and competencies
    II: LAM & Community-based organizations partnership in theory: models, strategies, and outcome measures.
    III: LAM & Community-based organizations partnership in practice: best practices, lessons learned, and evidence-based studies
    IV: Future of LAM & Community-based organizations in smart cities

    Thank you

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