Good Afternoon,

I hope this message finds you well. To introduce myself, my name is Sierra Flach and I am a graduate student specializing in User Experience Design at The New School. 

My class is running a research study on the optimization of libraries in an increasingly digital landscape. We are wondering what modernizations (big and small) libraries across the US are making.  It would be ideal if a librarian or media worker at the library could fill out the below survey.

Every survey answer helps us better understand how libraries benefit their surrounding communities. We really appreciate your help as our deadline of 3/1 is fast approaching.

Survey: Future of Libraries Survey

This is only the introductory stage of research and all information will be anonymous and confidential and used solely for student research/academic purposes. 

Happy to address any further questions and hope to hear from you soon. 

Warm Regards,
Sierra Elizabeth Flach
Media Management (MS)
Class of 2022
The New School   
c: (518) 779-2276

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