Upcoming webinar via Zoom:
Thursday, Feb 11 , 2021
11 to 11:30 am EST

Topic: Social Justice and Civic Engagement: Current Trends.
Together for a better digital navigation
(Re: Libraries, Archives and Museums, LAM) 


Dr. Laura Saunders Associate Professor Simmons College, SLIS, Boston MA, USA
Co-author, Instruction in Libraries and Information Centers: An Introduction (with Melissa A. Wong.)

John Pateman - CEO / Chief Librarian - Thunder Bay Public Library, Ontario, Canada
Author of Public Libraries and Social Justice (co-author: John Vincent)

Mohammad Mumtaz Ahmad, MISt., U Toronto., Records and Information Management Professional, served at City of Mississauga as the Team lead of Records & Information Management.

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Guest Speakers: Dr. Laura Saunders and Mr. Mohammad Mumtaz Ahmad,
About the book 101: Mohamed Taher

Purpose of Webinar:
As editor of the forthcoming book (see details below), this Webinar offers  a refresher on current scenario about social justice (e.g., promoting public good, advocacy) / civic engagement (e.g., outreach to engage people in Civic life) as in LAM and as in Community. 

Expected Outcome
From this session, it is hoped that we will get an idea of the Book and its contents.

We will leave the webinar with some important tools for efficient research and writing plan, streamline research (i.e., delve into real or virtual shelves without getting stuck there) improve your information flow and avoid the pitfalls. 

Thank you.           
Webinar Host:
Dr. Mohamed Taher, PhD., DLitt. Certificate Records & Information Management Practice. UToronto.
Chief Information Officer Canadian Multifaith Federation

Fulbright Scholar (Rutgers Univ, NJ.,, USA).
Faculty, Seneca College, Library Information Technician Program 
Author: : Cyber Worship in Multifaith Perspectives, 2006, Scarecrow Press
Job Search The Canadian Way. 2010, Akbani Informatics 
Blogger: Multifaith Information Gateway: www.multifaith.blogspot.com

Forthcoming book: Role of Libraries, Archives, and Museums (LAM) in Achieving Civic Engagement and Social Justice in Smart Cities, to be published by IGI Global, an international publisher of progressive academic research.  More details of the book are at: 

Topics: Social Justice (SJ) & Civic Engagement (CE):

SJ's some major facets: social inclusion (building bridges), preventing injustice,  advocacy, prevention (discrimination, hatred, violence, injustice, etc.)
CE's some major facets: civic participation (partnership, involvement, collaboration, outreach, working in the community (outside the domain), community-led activity, etc.,) 

Common denominators that apply in the above topics: digital literacy (how to empower), media literacy (empowered to recognize what is fake),  civic interfaith literacy (accepting the other,  peace, justice, conflict resolution,  nonviolence, harmony, tolerance), etc., 

Samples of research methods in writing a chapter, e.g.,  Case Study, Analytical Survey, Experimental approach, Evidence-Based study, Bibliometrics. etc.,

Feel free to ask for more details of the book.

Thank you.

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