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We are pleased to release the recording of the EaaSI January 2021 roundtable entitled "What We Talk About When We Talk About Emulation." The first in a series, this roundtable features Eric Kaltman (California State University Channel Islands), Tracy Popp (University of Illinois), and Fernando Rios (University of Arizona). 

👉 Access the recording as well as supplementary links here:

This roundtable discussion series is intended to feature EaaSI participants, staff, and other special guests in order to engage the information management and curation communities on topics related to “emulation in action” - the use cases or actual points and moments of interaction between researchers, practitioners, and emulation technology in cultural/data repositories.

"What We Talk About When We Talk About Emulation" discussion questions include:  

  • How did *you* learn about software preservation and emulation concepts and terms?
  • What has been your process for introducing or advocating for software preservation and emulation at your organization? How have/are you socializing these concepts - teaching, research, exhibits, policies, workflows? 
  • What types of questions are researchers, students, and faculty interested in v. questions from colleagues in collection development and digital curation?
  • What are one or two key concepts about emulation that you would like everyone to understand, regardless of the type of use case they may be interested in?
  • Following on from Dr. Acker's research on the FCoP project - What/How do you think about the differences between serving up an emulated experience, and serving up data and existing collection materials -- from the perspective of the library?
  • In the context of archival operations - how do you talk with archivists about determining when the *significant properties* of a born-digital collection will demand the overhead of emulation?
Thank you all! Wishing everyone an inspired week!



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The EaaSI program of work is focused on scaling the technological framework necessary for multiple institutions to configure, share, and access software and configured environments. EaaSI is focused on a distributed, community-driven architecture that sits on top of existing digital preservation infrastructure. This directly complements existing efforts by the Software Preservation Network and others to address key aspects of software preservation including legal advocacy, research about local software preservation needs, institutional capacity building for software preservation, collection development, professional development and training, and workflow recommendations.

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