Established in February 2020 as part of the Digital Library Federation’s Born-Digital Access Working Group (BDAWG), the Exploring Ideal Access Systems sub-group has spent its inaugural year outlining a framework envisioning potential ideal access systems for born-digital archival materials. The sub-group began its work by reviewing relevant literature--particularly BDAWG’s Access Values statement and Levels of Born-Digital Access--and developing an annotated bibliography.

Recognizing that users of different born-digital repositories vary significantly, the sub-group focused on creating a framework that would be ideal for us--the librarians, archivists, records managers and information professionals who provide ongoing access for patrons. 

Our framework ‘An Exploration of Ideal Access Systems’ complements the Levels of Born-Digital Access--not by acting as a ‘Level 4’ but rather by thinking through how Levels 1, 2 and in particular, Level 3 can be created by us and for us.  

After sharing a first draft with BDAWG, we now are pleased to share an updated draft with our wider communities. You may access version two of the draft here: We would welcome any questions or comments about the framework that you may have. Please submit any feedback you may have by using this form

Please share with your networks. Thank you in advance for reviewing and offering your feedback.

DLF BDAWG membership is open to anyone, and we encourage those who are interested in getting involved or hearing updates on our work to join our Google Group (

Best wishes,

Claire, for the DLF Born-Digital Access Working Group

Authors and contributors: Danielle Butler, Alison Clemens, Steven Gentry, Jen Wachtel, Claire Williams (chair)

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