This email is an invitation to participate in the DLF Assessment Interest Group’s (DLF AIG) working group on User Experience in 2021. There is more information about the group below, but first, a few words about participating in DLF AIG. 


The only requirement for participation in a DLF AIG working group is a willingness to dig in and devote a small part of your time contributing to the tools, methods, and body of knowledge on digital library assessment. Attendance at the DLF forum is not a requirement for participation in any of the working groups. Additionally, if your institution is not a DLF member, you can still participate.


UX in 2021  

The User Experience working group’s goal is to support User Experience professionals in Libraries, especially with Digital systems. While 2020 was a difficult year, the UX maturity subgroup finished and published a survey of UX maturity models that any UX professional might find useful.


UX Goals for 2021

While the pandemic continues, the UX working group has decided to provide support in the form of ux evaluations of digital systems and websites at our monthly meeting. A call for submissions will go out a week before the meeting, and presenters will be able to ask questions and get feedback from members of the group, or give feedback as a form of service to the profession.


How can you participate?  

This year, participation is easy. Attend the meetings and provide feedback to websites or systems usability, or provide your own system and receive feedback. To sign up join our Google Group and start getting updates. We have consistent meetings on the last Friday of the Month at 1pm Central. Our next meeting is March 26th. Contact Joy Perrin ([log in to unmask]) if you have questions.


For questions about the larger DLF Assessment Interest Group, contact the DLF AIG co-leaders, Sara Rubinow [log in to unmask] and Santi Thompson [log in to unmask]


Thank you for participating in the DLF AIG!


Joy Perrin

DLF AIG UX Working Group

Email: [log in to unmask]

Google Group:


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