I'm presenting about DCTAP, the tabular application profile model,[0] at 
LD4 on Friday, 11:00 EDT. For those who may not be attending, and those 
who might want to get a jump start, I want to give you this information 
about the Python program that can take the profile table (saved as CSV) 
and output either JSON or YAML. The program does some mild validation 
and gives warnings if it encounters problems, such as unknown headers.

This work is in its own github repo [1] and you'll find that there is 
quite thorough documentation.[2] Installing the program is a single-line 
pip command.[3] Using the configuration file [4] you can do some 
customization of a profile, including adding your own columns to meet 
your needs.

We welcome comments on this work; feel free to open github issues in 
either repo with questions or suggestions.






[3] pip install -U


Karen Coyle
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