Hi David,

I work a lot with OpenRefine and also have some experience with the 
Sherpa-Romeo API (although it's been a while since I looked at the 
latter). Generally I'd recommend the OpenRefine discussion list/group 
for any OpenRefine questions

I answered a question about OpenRefine and Sherpa-Romeo on Stackoverflow 
several years ago which you can see at 
- this might have some useful information in

I can answer specific questions if you have them - feel free to post in 
response here, although if you post to you'll benefit from having a 
larger community of OpenRefine users who can help

Best wishes


David Aznar Lafont wrote on 27/07/2021 13:55:
> Hi:
> Is anyone using the Sherpa-Rome API with Openrefine in order to extract the
> data from journals? We got to extract some data from the API response, we
> don't have the best json expertice. For example we have problemas to get
> the embargo or all the articles versions allowed to upload open acces.
> Any similar experience would be great.
> Thank you very much,
> David Aznar

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