What we do

Axiom is a small and dynamic (~20 person) technology and informatics firm with a mission to build a better understanding of society and the environment by increasing the accessibility, reuse, and impact of scientific data. To that end, we provide cyberinfrastructure support, data management systems, and scalable solutions for organizing and analyzing large amounts of diverse datasets to organizations across the globe. We’ve assembled an outstanding team of software developers, data analysts, and data coordinators to tackle difficult problems and provide excellent support to our partners at businesses, non-profits, federal and state agencies, and universities.

What you’ll do

The Axiom team works to enhance and sustain scientific data by upscaling metadata, semantically linking datasets, developing specialized services, creating powerful visualizations, and applying advanced analysis techniques. As a full-stack software engineer you have opportunities to touch everything from front-end code to our high performance computing infrastructure. You will support existing applications written and maintained by the team, as well as develop new features and build applications from the ground up. This will include front-end development of web applications, user interfaces, data visualizations, as well as back-end development of web services, APIs, software tools, analysis pipelines/applications, and efficient data storage/access techniques.

What you’ll work with

Our stack is constantly evolving, with decisions on technologies made by engineers. You’ll work with a wide range of technologies and you are not expected to have experience with all of these technologies from the start. A demonstrated ability to learn new technologies and select appropriate technologies for each solution is more important.

Frontend: React, GraphQL, D3

Backend: Node, Python, Java

Storage: PostgreSQL, GlusterFS, Ceph, Redis, ElasticSearch, MongoDB, Minio, TimescaleDB

DevOps: GitLab (SCM, CI), Docker, Ansible, Prometheus, Fluentd, Grafana, Loki

Specialized: Python scientific stack, Apache Arrow/Parquet, NetCDF/HDF5, GeoServer

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