Hi Charles,

Have they considered a Wordpress site on a ReclaimHosting account? I know you'd said they're not super techy, but they should be able to do everything they'd be able to do in the other four without some of the added hassles and 'bonus' fees. Happy to chat more about this option if you're interested.

All the best,
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Subject: [CODE4LIB] Web site builder - checklist

Hi my esteemed listmates,

I'm so sorry for the barrage but now that our library is in another stage
of opening we have a plethora of issues we're addressing.

Our "Friends of the Library" NPO wants to have a Web site.

They are great people but not that tech oriented so I've narrowed down
their web site builder and hosting choices as follows:

1 Wix
2 SquareSpace
3 Go Daddy

Have you developed any Web sites or helped your "Friends of the Library"
with their Web sites?

If so, might you please share any checklist for features, functions,
factors to consider in choosing a Web site builder/host?

Ex. How much bandwidth - storage space needed? Has SSL certificate?

I've Googled this and there doesn't seem to be any "vetting" organization
which shares checklists of what to look for in a web site builder/hosting

I found "reviews" but each reviewer seems to have a leaning - e.g.
WordPress preferences, Wix choice, etc. so the reviews seeme a tad skewed.

Thank you so much!