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Preserving Australian video game history of the 1990s

28 October at 08:00 CEST | 16:30 ACDT


Denise de Vries & Helen Stuckey


Play It Again documents, preserves, and exhibits digital cultural heritage, focusing on Australian videogames of the 1990s. This project addresses the challenge of digital heritage by recovering the history of Australian made videogames of the 1990s, preserving significant local digital game artefacts currently at risk, and investigating how these can be exhibited as playable software.

The research team comprises a mix of academics from Humanities and Computer Science backgrounds, as well as museum and networking professionals.

In this webinar we will present various aspects of this research covering the cultural aspects – game histories, public reception, the Popular Memory Archive, and technical aspects – imaging a range of media, documenting games (metadata) and exhibiting games through emulation.


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