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I have a box here with the full version of ProCite 5 with CD but as you say, probably not helpful. Have you tried contacting Clarivate? Or have you tried to open it with EndNote?


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I assume you saw this rather sketchy download link?

I'll leave it to someone else to decide if the software on offer is legit.
I did try to whois the website but didn't get much.

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> Does anyone happen to have a copy of the ProCite v5 demo installer?
> We seem to have misplaced/lost our installer for our licensed version
> and apparently have (or had) a machine with a rather important DB on it.
> (Why!?  Just, Why?)  The machine has failed although we can get to the
> files.  I'm not asking for a licensed copy of the outdated and
> long-defunct software that would only really be useful for retrieving
> archival data in situations like this because that would be illegal,
> but apparently there was a demo installer that might get us where we need to go.
> Alternatively, does anyone know how to migrate a ProCite DB to another
> platform without having a copy of ProCite?
> Feel free to reach out off-list.
> Thanks,
> Erich
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