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You are invited to join us for the next OPF webinar on Thursday 2 December
at 16:00 CET: Working with Siegfried, Wikidata, and Wikibase. Our speakers
are Ross Spencer, Ravensburger AG and Kat Thornton, Yale University Library.

Following on from the iPRES presentation: “Wikidata: A Magic Portal for
Siegfried and Roy”, this webinar will explore in more detail how you can
use Siegfried and Wikidata for file format identification.

We will look at:


   What Wikdata and Wikibase are and why that’s important.

   How Siegfried and Roy harvest and store Wikidata information.

   How Roy contributes to a signature development workflow in Wikidata.

   How to interpret Siegfried results using the Wikidata identifier.

   How you can contribute to Wikidata.

   Using Siegfried with a local Wikibase instance for your own testing

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