Hi my esteemed listmates,

I haven’t really found a good indie filmmaker’s online forum so I wondered
if I might please pick your talented brains a bit.

I’m video recording a 2+ minute video re: a free writing program I’ve
created for the public library.

I’ve created a “poor man’s teleprompter” by writing the pitch text in MS
Word and scrolling that text down the page on a laptop either top the right
or with the laptop below the DSLR camera. I’m the sole subject in the video
promo but in either case my eyes are looking either down or to the side of
the laptop screen.

It creates either awkward eye movements or downright creepy looks. Teens
will be watching this video as an invite to write for this writer’s contest
so it needs to look as if I’m looking straight into the camera talking to
them as a friend.

Each word must be voiced perfectly as there can be no improv of the script.

Can you think of any ways I can cheat to create the look of my eyes looking
straight into the camera while reading the script without a real

Thank you!


Charles Meyer

Charlotte County Public Library

Port Charlotte, Fl