Sending on behalf of the ALA Core Linked Data Interest Group; please send questions or suggestion to co-chairs (email below)

The ALA Core Linked Data Interest Group (LDIG) supports learning and discussion related to the emerging role of library data in the semantic web. Our mission is to raise awareness of core semantic web technologies such as the Resource Description Framework (RDF) model for representing information, the use of URIs as identifiers within bibliographic descriptions; promoting research on linked data challenges, such as domain modeling and vocabulary selection and design; and informing the ongoing development of existing metadata standards for Libraries, Archives and Cultural Heritage Institutions.


The LDIG seeks a co-chair to serve for two years beginning in July 2022. Interest group co-chairs collaborate to plan events--including sessions taking place during ALA Annual and ALA Core Interest Group Weeks--facilitate ongoing discussion via ALA Connect, and share information with Core liaison staff.


To indicate interest or request further information please contact LDIG co-chairs Kevin Ford and Becky Skeen.



Kevin Ford, Core LDIG Co-chair, 2021-2023

Becky Skeen, Core LDIG Co-chair, 2021-2023

Benjamin Riesenberg, Core LDIG Co-chair, 2020-2022

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