When I was young, my parents had an old reel-to-reel tape player and I spent many happy hours listening and singing along to "Free to Be...You and Me," originally released in 1972. I think there were other tapes, but this one was probably in danger of being worn out...or so I thought! Thanks to new research just published by CLIR, there is a chance that I could be rocking to one of my favorite tracks, "Don't Dress Your Cat in an Apron," until 2072. So check out the jobs, go find your mix tapes, and read how your favorite recordings could also be around much longer than anyone thought. 🌻 Erin 


New on the Job Board

Erin O’Donnell, MMC

Outreach and Engagement Associate

🍅 Based in Basking Ridge, NJ

Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR)

Arlington, VA

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