Dear all,

The Open Preservation Foundation are pleased to announce that Jpylyzer 2.1 is now available. Jpylyzer is an open source validator and feature extractor for JP2 images, and part of the OPF reference toolset

This is a maintenance release consisting of minor changes, including:

  • Detailed reporting of packet level codestream markers, selectable by the user.

  • Bug fixes.

  • Documentation improvements.

  • Improvements to the testing and release process.

Users should be aware this is the last Jpylyzer release that will be compatible with Python 2.7. Maintenance of Python 2.7 was halted more than two years ago and we strongly urge users to upgrade to Python 3.

To find out more about this latest release and to download, please click here.

Best wishes,


Helena Watson (she/her), Marketing Officer

Open Preservation Foundation (OPF) 

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