Dear Colleagues,


You are invited to participate in a survey with the goal of discovering how digital library practitioners at various types of cultural heritage institutions and academic organizations promote their unique resources beyond simply placing content in an online repository for users to discover. Types of outreach may include integration of digital collections into teaching and instruction activities, external partnerships, digital scholarship collaborations, social media promotion, and more. The link to the Digital Library Outreach and Instruction Survey and more background is available on this website.


This study is being conducted by five librarians at the University of Utah, Brigham Young University, and University of Northern Colorado who have engaged in digital library and digital scholarship projects with a variety of audiences both regionally and nationally. Results of this study may be published in professional publications and presentations, including a forthcoming monograph on the topic to be published by ALA Publishing. The survey should take roughly 10-15 minutes to complete. A PDF of the survey is available for preview on the website linked above. The survey will be open until November 18, 2022.


If you would like any additional information about the study, please feel free to contact any of the people listed below.


Thank you for your time and consideration,


Rebekah Cummings, University of Utah

Jane Monson, University of Northern Colorado 

Jeremy Myntti, Brigham Young University

Anna Neatrour, University of Utah

Rachel Wittmann, University of Utah


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