If you use the "Before" and "After" keywords, you can do your search
directly in the regular search box instead of advanced search, and get more
flexibility with your date limits. Just make sure the format for the date
is correct -- it's YYYY/MM/DD. So, for instance, try:

Welcome After:2000/01/01 Before:2023/01/01

directly in the regular gmail search -- not the advanced search -- and see
if that works at all (i.e., more than zero results). Then try tweaking the
dates and search terms.

You can also force phrase searching with quotes, which sounds like it might
be a useful trick for what you want to do. You can combine this with tricks
like Before and After.:

"charles meyer" After:2000/01/01 Before:2023/01/01

(The "From" and "To" boxes in the advanced search are for sender and
recipient email addresses. You can also do things like
From:[log in to unmask] and To:me in the regular search box to filter by
sender and recipient. These can also be combined with all the other tricks
using just the regular search box instead of advanced search: "charles
meyer" From:[log in to unmask] After:2000/01/01 Before:2023/01/01 )

On Sun, Jan 1, 2023 at 2:58 PM charles meyer <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> My esteemed listmates,
> I've Googled this for their program gmail without a successful article.
> My goal is to search all my emails from the welcome email I got from Google
> to date for 1 to 3 words together (proper name).
> I keep getting limited  by the Date Search "Function" Box (or whatever
> Google chooses to call it.
> Next to Date I can "activate" the drop down menu and the farthest out I can
> search is the 1 year listed.
> I wish to search much farther back than one year.
> So, in the From: "Function Box" typed in *After:01/01/2000
> Before:01/01/2023*
> ...with the Has words "Function Box" left empty. I get zero results.
> I then typed in one of the proper names I'm looking for in the Has Words
> with the From: "Function Box" typed in *After:01/01/2000 Before:01/01/2023*
> ..but got zero results.
> If I type in the word Welcome in the Has Words (the 1st gmail you get) I
> still get zero results.
> How have others searched Gmail for gmails 5 years back with a word in the
> Has Words?
> Thank you.
> Charles.
> Charles Meyer
> Charlotte County Public Library