My esteemed listmates,

I've Googled this for their program gmail without a successful article.

My goal is to search all my emails from the welcome email I got from Google
to date for 1 to 3 words together (proper name).

I keep getting limited  by the Date Search "Function" Box (or whatever
Google chooses to call it.

Next to Date I can "activate" the drop down menu and the farthest out I can
search is the 1 year listed.

I wish to search much farther back than one year.

So, in the From: "Function Box" typed in *After:01/01/2000

...with the Has words "Function Box" left empty. I get zero results.

I then typed in one of the proper names I'm looking for in the Has Words
with the From: "Function Box" typed in *After:01/01/2000 Before:01/01/2023*

..but got zero results.

If I type in the word Welcome in the Has Words (the 1st gmail you get) I
still get zero results.

How have others searched Gmail for gmails 5 years back with a word in the
Has Words?

Thank you.


Charles Meyer
Charlotte County Public Library