My esteemed listmates,

Convoluted doesn;t even begin to describe this.

I've Googled it and called Tracfone but no solutions.

I downloaded and installed the Smart Switch app on both phones.

Not easy as each time it tried to install best of tech and
entertainment-whatever on both phones. Spam.

Now my new Sasmung has some of the contacts but not all.

I can see them when I swipe Contacts.

I can't see any but 4 of them when I swipe the PHone (green icon) to dial
any of the phone numbers.

If I choose Manage Contacts > and then place a circle in the dot next to
All for all my contacts and proceed to the next page I can choose Manage
Contacts and choose Export and it will only export to internal storage. No
cell, no other Sasmung no android.

Anyone *actually accomplish* moving their contacts with phone numbers from
one Sasmiung cell to another Samsung cell?

Not Googling or Yu Tubingit - actually do it?

Samsung has no email tech support.

Thank you.


Charlotte County public library