Would it be possible to take the devices in to a local electronics store and throw yourself on the mercy of a friendly staff member there?

I hate ordering cables online. Even when I do know what I want, the search interface *sucks* for finding the specific one I want, and even looking on an item page it's not always easy to definitively confirm from title/description/photo that I've got the right one. At least in a store you can eye up the plugs before getting out your credit card.


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My esteemed listmates,

I would ask this question of Samsung but their tech support is non-responsive.

I have a new Samsung Galaxy AO3 cell and the end of the data cable for that phone won’t fit any of my USB ports in my older Dell laptop.

Is there an adapter I can get to connect the Samsung data cable to and then connect that adapter to a regular USB port on my laptop?

Bluetooth has proven problematic in transferring content.

Thanks so much.


Charles Meyer

Charlotte County Public Library


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