Hey Anson,
I just setup ezpaarse from their docker image, and ran a bunch of our
EZproxy logs through it. It seems to work great! It'll even accept logs
that have been gzip-compressed!

I'm not sure if i'll make the effort to automate it (I'm at a public
library, and the need to analyze the logs is probably less than that of an
academic library.)

I'm not yet at the stage of setting up ezmeasure, but it's been really
interesting / helpful to load the ezpaarse output into sqlite and running
some basic queries on it!


On Mon, Feb 27, 2023 at 2:54 PM parker, anson D (adp6j) <
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> is anyone here working with ezmesure and ezpaarse for their ezproxy logs?
> i'm getting it set up and would appreciate getting some feedback from any
> devs who have rolled this out recently
> seems like a great set of tools, but i'm having a few problems getting the
> whole thing wired up and it'd be great to talk to someone else running it
> thanks
> anson

Ray Voelker
(937) 620-1830