My esteemed listmates,

A patron visited with a printed document in had wanting t scan that
document and have it translated form Spanish to English.

There are several camera apps listed on Google Play (he’s got a droid
phone) which claim you can just scan a printed document with your cell’s
camera applying their app.

Have you found any of the apps capable of accurate translation?

The other hitch is this is a legal document and it’s been my experience
that translating legal verbiage isn’t the same as translating common, every
day words.

Any law librarians on this list who may have any experience with
translating legal documents and/or translating software?

I’m not aware of any law librarian lists so I appreciate any such list you
might think I might consider cross-posting on?

It seems to me this isn’t as straight forward as the patron thinks it
should be?

Thanks so much.


Charles Meyer

Charlotte County Public Library