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The NEDLIB Report

"An experiment in using Emulation to Preserve Digital Publications"
by Jeff Rothenberg is now available on the NEDLIB seb-site at:

The report presents the results of a preliminary investigation into the
feasibility of using emulation as a means of preserving digital
publications in accessible, authentic, and usable form within a deposit

The study was commissioned by the Koninklijke Bibliotheek (KB), the
National Library of the Netherlands, and jointly funded by the European
Commission's Telematics for Libraries Programme.

The report describes a prototype experimental environment for trying-out
emulation-based preservation, using commercial off-the-shelf emulation
tools to produce an initial proof-of-concept.

Results include proposed data, metadata and procedural models to support
emulation-based preservation. The analysis is presented in the context of
the increasingly accepted Open Archival Information System (OAIS) as well
as the NEDLIB adaptation of the OAIS, the Deposit System for Electronic
Publications (DSEP).

A specific, concrete proposal is presented for implementing
emulation-based preservation: the various steps necessary for this
preservation strategy are described and associated with the appropriate
processes in the DSEP model.

From the results of this preliminary investigation there are indications
that emulation-based preservation has significant potential and warrants
further exploration. Recommendations for future experiments are made.

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