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The first issue of the DLF Newsletter is now available from

The Newsletter is a quarterly web-based publication through which DLF
members exchange information about their respective digital library
developments and develop a practical information resource for those
interested in networked educational and cultural information.

The first issue includes reports from 10 DLF members and the Office of the
DLF director. An editorial introduces the Newsletter and sets out its aims
and objectives, and a feature by Ann-Marie Parsons reflects on issues
arising from her work compiling a registry of DLF members' online digital

Thanks to all who had a hand in compiling members' reports and in submitting
them in a timely fashion. Frankly, we were both overwhelmed and gratified by
your response and by the extent of activity it describes. Accordingly, there
is still some editing work left to do on the Newsletter, and maintaining its
numerous links will undoubtedly be a persistent challenge. We ask for your
patience as we continue to correct what errors remain.

Special thanks to Novera King and Ann Marie Parsons who worked so hard here
at DLF to pull together the great wealth of information with which we were

Kind regards,

Daniel Greenstein
Director, Digital Library Federation
1755 Massachusetts Ave, NW, Suite 500
Washington DC 20036
ph: (202) 939-4762
fax: (202) 939-4765