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The second multidisciplinary European DLM Forum on short- and longterm
access to electronic information was held in Brussels, Belgium, in October
1999. The final plenary session which was closed by the Member of the
European Commission for the Information Society, Mr Erkki LIIKANEN,
unanimously adopted a message to ICT industry. In this message specialists
from archives / documentation services, administration and research asked
industry for close cooperation in the development and implementation of
hard- and software solutions for short- and longterm preservation and access
to electronic records. The demand for ICT industry's involvement in training
programmes was presented as well as the huge market potential.

One of the world-wide leading ICT industry associations (AIIM-Europe) as
well as a couple of independent industry experts responded to this message.
They sent their proposals to the European Commissioner for the Information
Society, Erkki LIIKANEN, and the Secretary General of the European
Commission, David O'SULLIVAN. The experts particularly propose a couple of
concrete measures to be taken by the European Union's and the Member States'
institutions in order to proceed in the field of safeguarding information
society's memory.

The message as well as ICT industry's response are available on the
DLM-Website ( We invite
you to check the page and send us your observations.

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