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The following from Colleagues at DLPS which is offering OCR capacity at a
discount rate and wanting to give DLF members priority in advance of a more
general announcement along these lines.

The University of Michigan's Digital Library Production
Service has time available in their OCR production unit and
is offering it to libraries at a below cost rate.  This is a
limited time offer!

The terms are as follows:
--We have capacity to handle ca. 400,000 pages per month
between now and the end of March 2001.  Depending on demand,
no one institution can send more than 200,000 pages per month.
--The cost per page is $.05, half of our normal recharge
rate.  To keep costs low, we will try to use ftp for
delivery rather than burning and shipping CDs to customers.
--We use Prime Recognition OCR software.  Six different OCR
engines "vote" to improve accuracy; accuracy rates for a
"normal" page of late 19th-century page of English language
text average around 99.8%.
--For this offer, we cannot provide any special processing,
like SGML generation.  Individual text files and a report of
OCR confidence values will be the deliverables.
--To keep overhead low, terms will be laid out in a simple
letter of agreement; for these purposes, we cannot engage in
contractual commitments because they will inevitably involve negotiation.

If you would like to take advantage of this offer, please
send an expression of interest and a scope of work summary
to me.  Capacity will be allocated on a first come, first
served basis.  When we have determined whose work can be
accomodated when, we will send detailed instructions on how
and when to send work.
Christie Stephenson
Assistant Head
Digital Library Production Service
University of Michigan Library
300 B Hatcher North
Ann Arbor, MI 48109
phone: 734-615-4061
fax: 734-647-6897