The following announcement is for the North American public meeting to
review the revised open archives initiative specifications that are due to
be released in December. This will be an important opportunity for groups
planning to implement to these specifications to discuss them.


The Open Archives Initiative ( (OAI)
develops and promotes interoperability standards that aim to facilitate
the efficient dissemination of content.  An Open Meeting to make public
the release of the specifications of the initial OAI interoperability
architecture will be held on January 23 at the Renaissance Hotel in
Washington DC.  The goal of this interoperability architecture is to
provide an easy way for data providers to expose their metadata and for
service providers to access that metadata and use it as input to
value-added services.  A key component of the interoperability
architecture is the use of the Dublin Core element set as the required
resource discovery vocabulary.

Complete information on the meeting and a registration form
(registration is required) is available at

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