I know that some of you are working closely with museums and so may find
this to be of interest.

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Subject: CIMI-MCN2001 Call for Participation


Real Life: Virtual Experiences
New Connections for Museum Visitors

Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
October 24-27, 2001

For the year 2001, the Museum Computer Network s annual meeting will be a
special event. MCN is partnering with the CIMI Institute - the leading
provider of training in digital museum applications - to host a three-day
exploration of how new technologies can and will be used to affect visitors
experiences in the museum environment.

Focused Events that Give Participants Something to Take Home
The goal of this conference is to create environments - through workshops,
plenary sessions and roundtables - where participants can engage each other
and learn methodologies they can take home to their own museum. It s a
chance to learn what is possible and how it can be done. The event will be
organized around several tracks that will focus intensively one of the
aspects of applying technology to enhance visitors  experiences.

How Many Ways Can you Wire a Museum?
It s no surprise that the museum in 2001 will be a much more wired (or
wireless!) place. Museums today are investigating a variety of applications
of technology that will affect the experience museum-goers have when they
visit our spaces, such as:
  hand-held devices that visitors use while touring an exhibition
  in-gallery kiosks
  smart architecture
  rich, non-gimmicky multimedia
  web-based resources designed to enhance pre- or post-visitor experiences

CIMI-MCN 2001 will examine site-based computing - both as it exists today
and is imagined in the future - and the technological possibilities for
enhancing and extending the experience of a museum visitor.

You are invited to participate in CIMI-MCN 2001 by submitting a proposal for
a presentation or workshop that fits into one of the tracks listed below.
Proposals will be reviewed by a program committee to ensure a tightly
focused, high quality conference program. The call for participation closes
on April 30, 2001, and the preliminary program will be announced on June 15,
2001. Selected conference proceedings will be published in the winter issue
of Spectra. Presenters who want to be included in the Spectra conference
proceedings must have full papers to MCN by August 15, 2001.

Conference Themes for CIMI-MCN 2001 include:
  Technology Affecting the Visitor s Experience
  Business Strategies
  Infrastructure and Technical Questions
  Social Implications

Visit the MCN web site to learn more

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