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The full NEDLIB Report Series: all seven reports are now available on the
net! See below for title and abstract information.

Please visit the project web site where all research findings and project
results are available online (, including:

- interactive animations of the workflow and process model of a
deposit system for electronic publications

- research reports and publications

- NEDLIB Harvester tool and a demonstrator-system for multimedia access

I hope you will find the information and guidelines useful within the
context of your own work,

Titia van der Werf
The Netherlands
NEDLIB Report Series

An Experiment in Using Emulation to Preserve Digital Publications - by
Jeff Rothenberg, Den Haag 2000.
ISBN: 9062 59 1442
Abstract: The report presents the results of a preliminary investigation
into the feasibility of using emulation as a means of preserving digital
publications in accessible, authentic, and usable form within a deposit
library. Results include proposed data, metadata and procedural models to
support emulation-based preservation. The analysis is presented in the
context of the increasingly accepted Open Archival Information System
(OAIS) as well as the NEDLIB adaptation of the OAIS, the Deposit System
for Electronic Publications (DSEP).

Metadata for the Long Term Preservation of Electronic Publications - by
Catherine Lupovici, Julien Masanès, Den Haag 2000.
ISBN: 9062 59 1469
Abstract: The report proposes a metadata set for digital preservation
management purposes, with a focus on recording critical technical
information that is most liable to technological obsolescence. The report
defines 8 metadata elements and 38 sub-elements following the Open
Archival Information System (OAIS) taxonomy of information objects. A
layered information analysis of the digital document is proposed in order
to list all information involved in the data processing of the bit-stream.
This metadata can be generated automatically in order to enable the
handling of large amounts of documents.

Standards for Electronic Publishing: an overview - by Mark Bide &
Associates, Den Haag 2000.
ISBN: 9062 59 1477
Abstract: This report provides an overview of e-publishing standards and
developments with a view to assist deposit libraries to a better
understanding of some of the issues that they
will face in managing the deposit and preservation of electronic
publications. It looks into the decline of CDROM and other offline
publishing products and the characteristics of online distribution.
Finally it describes how the interchange of metadata between publishers
and libraries will be an essential element in managing the deposit of
electronic publications.

Standards for a DSEP: standards for the Implementation of a Deposit System
for Electronic Publications (DSEP) - by Bendert Feenstra, Den Haag 2000.
ISBN: 9062 59 1485
Abstract: This report documents technical standards and solutions that can
be used in the realisation of a Deposit System for Electronic Publications
(DSEP). It is based and structured along the main functions of the Open
Archival Information Systems (OAIS) model: Ingest, Archival Storage, Data
Management, Access and Administration. Standards for the architectural
design of a DSEP and standards for use during the implementation phase are
also discussed.

Setting up a Deposit System for Electronic Publications: the NEDLIB
Guidelines - by Johan Steenbakkers, Den Haag 2000.
ISBN: 9062 59 1493
Abstract: This report provides some practical implementation guidelines to
set up a deposit system for electronic publications. Workflow, modelling
and system design considerations are outlined. Storage and long-term
preservation issues are highlighted. The author describes how different
classes of publications can influence implementation choices even if they
do not impact the technical and functional requirements for handling
electronic publications in a more generic way. The report reads as a
road-map to all relevant NEDLIB results and findings.

Process Model of a Deposit System for Electronic Publications: the DSEP
Model - by Titia van der Werf, Den Haag 2000.
ISBN: 9062 59 1507
Abstract: In this report a common workflow for handling deposited
electronic publications is outlined and mapped onto the broader framework
of the Digital Library. The Open Archival Information System Reference
Model is discussed and adopted as a basis for the high-level design of the
DSEP (Deposit System for electronic Publications). The resulting deposit
system process model and data-flow are described in detail.

NEDLIB List of Terms - by Genevieve Clavel-Merrin, Den Haag 2000.
ISBN: 9062 59 1515
Abstract: This glossary defines concepts relevant to NEDLIB. This list
does not intend to be a comprehensive source but only to reflect the
NEDLIB requirements and boundaries and to clarify the use within NEDLIB of
terms, which may be considered ambiguous.

Hardcopies of the NEDLIB reports can be ordered online via the NEDLIB web